On The Mosque

Hypostyle Hall of the Mosque of Cordoba, Spain

Hypostyle Hall of the Mosque of Cordoba, Spain

When I first started this now neglected blog, it was with an intent replace random bursts of arguments on the internet, with somewhat substantial blog posts.

So, right now, instead of arguing with facebook commenters, I will use this blog quickly for what I designed it for.

To put it simply, this is how I view the whole New York City Mosque/Community Center debacle:

The people building the community center are Americans. People of several religions were in the buildings. Each of these persons were just as much victims of 9-11 as anyone else. Because some of the attacks were done by Muslims, doesn’t mean they have to give up their religious beliefs, that they’re not Americans, or that they should be labeled enemies. By giving in to the call against it, people are agreeing that American Muslims have something to be guilty and ashamed of. By giving in, people are essentially agreeing that our response to 9-11, is directly opposed to all Muslims.

The implications of this at home and abroad, are damaging. Which leads me to believe, to not do it, would be both a disgrace and hurtful for our credibility and our purported national values.

There you have it. Blog mission accomplished for today.

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