Restoring Discourse – Liberal Edition

I wanted to do a quick follow up to my previous post.

There is a liberal “facebook friend”, that I cringe whenever I see his status update. Since, I, your humble narrator, is liberal, you would assume that we would get along, have things in common, and that we would give each other high fives whenever there’s movement on liberal policies.

Instead, he’s the type that revels in conspiracy, hate, doubt, cynical, picky, ultra divisive liberal. The type that doesn’t vote, because “Man, both parties are the same, they’re all out to get you. Corporations! Money! Keeping the people down!” The type who updates his facebook using the term AmeriKKKa. There are things he posts, that I would agree with, that immediately turn me off to them, because he posts them. He doesn’t want to support anything mainstream Democrats work for, because to him they are part of the problem and never do enough.

He posted this Bill Maher video concerning “Rally to Restore Sanity” video today:

While, I agree, I wish we could have Jon Stewart flagrantly on the side of liberal policies, using his power to defeat Glen Beck and his ilk….yet that doesn’t mean that Stewart’s message of cooperation is useless or non pertinent. We shouldn’t see conspiracy and enemy in every one. We should participate, be reasonable, and get things done.

So seeing this video, from the one liberal, who in my life is the mirror image of rabid conservatism…depresses me. This is the liberal Jon Stewart referenced in his speech. This is probably condescending towards this friend’s views, but just realizing that he will never even consider that he’s part of the problem, that he will watch this video and feel vindicated and right, saddens me on the future of the discourse I spoke about in the last post. And kind of just undermines Maher’s whole point in my eyes.

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