“It’s a symbol to show we have the right to be here,” said Ball. “It’s the people’s land. Also, for political reasons, it’s a slap in the face of the people in power to be here. We’re not above the law here, but we don’t agree with a lot of the laws here. Trespassing. All the little things—you can’t put your bike on that fence.” – Occupy Wall Street: Why protesters just don’t want to leave. – Slate Magazine

I’ve been arguing a lot on websites (and facebook), about OWS recently. Putting myself in anxious tizzies. What I don’t understand, is that the most recent push in conservative circles has been libertarianism, in these situations, there are so many libertarian arguments.

Yet, so many conservatives because they disagree with the content of the speech, are willing to make excuses, and to instead championing free speech…champion parks? The right of government to make people go away? Curfew laws? Anti-camping regulations? Safety (while seemingly supporting rough treatment by police)?

Protests in this country, have a nostalgic pride, not always for Vietnam, but definitely for civil rights. In hindsight, people always act like, sure, that was a-okay. In actuality it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t popular to hold a sit in, it wasn’t legal, they were arrested. Yet, that was the method they used to bring attention to their cause. In this day and age, when you have protests every minute (at least in NYC), the OWS found a method that garnered attention to their cause and helped it spread. I’m certain, the conservatives during the civil rights movement, echoed something very similar to what they’re saying today, “Protest all you want, but really imposing on a private businesses! How dare you! I’m not against free speech but…you know, private business. Protest, but can you find a way to do it that’s easier to ignore?”.

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