Doublespeak in the GOP Platform

So much of the GOP’s Platform is self contradicting. It’s Orwellian in the way the title directly contradicts the text.

Reforming Government to Serve People: By “downsizing government” and moving operations to the “private sector”.
AKA: Having government not serve people.

Strengthening Medicaid: By switching to credits and kicking off “non-disabled adults” and children.
AKA: Weakening Medicaid

Protecting Internet Freedom: Removing “government intervention”…leaving everything up to the “private sector”.
AKA: Removing and avoiding laws for internet freedom and privacy.

Preserving The District of Columbia: Specifically allowing Republican Congressmen to do what they want in District of Columbia
AKA: Meddling in local politics, denying voter representation. Wait, I guess the status quo is preserving. I take this one back.

And I can see a conservative defending these, but you have to go through verbal jujitsu to make any of it make sense.

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