I read these types of things and go…MUST

I read these types of things and go…MUST WRITE REBUTTAL. So here it goes. Image

  1. Well…you still can’t marry whoever you want. But I wish people could but the whole Labrador thing remains illegal and irrelevant.
  2. Oil companies are subsidized by that same government, have record profits so…they’re getting more than that 5%.
  3. I think government is better at spending where companies and individuals can’t or won’t or when the primary concern is the public welfare. As opposed the primary concern being a profit.
  4. This is a crock. How many conservatives get mad about slandering religion, or bad words on tv? It isn’t a Dem/Repub thing.
  5. You’re right, I want nothing to do with a gun. You are statistically more likely to die by a gun if you own a gun. Which…makes me feel more responsible that I can live my life without needing a weapon.
  6. Understanding what is and what has happened with weather (or anything), is a lot easier than predicting the future. Scientists are looking at the past and present to determine alarming changes over time and their effects.
  7. I don’t like when people equate two separate issues. The same laws, philosophies, and moral questions do not govern prison and hospitals.
  8. For 3 decades illegal aliens have received free hospital care through the emergency room. Stopping emergencies before they happened could lower costs on tax payers. The alternative is letting people die in the streets, let me know if you’re promoting the euthanizing of illegal aliens.
  9. We built this country that anyone can make it. That’s why we built the public school system to give everyone a chance. I feel like history is riddled with what happens when you let the rich become too rich. You have robber barons, political corruption, serfs and lords…permanent underclass under an oligarchy. Which isn’t what America was founded on. Smart tax policies are a way to prevent that.
  10. This is ridiculous especially with the supreme court being the way it is. They’re in there trying to overturn decades of law. Look at Citizen’s United, very unpopular, questionably constitutional, passed by a fringe group who wouldn’t be able to get it past the voters. Judging has become too partisan.
  11. America is already the 3rd top producer of oil. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Chart-of-Oil-Trading-Nation.gif We’re doing plenty. Our problem is consumption not production. Demcorat’s believe in long term solutions that won’t hurt ourselves or our country.
  12. This is dumb and representative of the whole piece. It’s generalized and sophomoric name calling.

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