Progressives for Les Mis!

I hate to be “that guy” that sees everything through the political lens, but watching Les Mis really made me think about the importance and longevity of liberal and progressive causes. And about how in so many areas we’ve started going backwards.

Valjean & The Law:

  • Imprisoning people for non violent offenses.
  • Harsher punishment than the crime would logically dictate.
  • Putting convicts to hard labor like indentured servants.
  • Criminal record preventing new employment.
  • No preparation for prisoners to be reintegrated into society,


  • Employer using an employee’s personal information, outside of said job, and deciding it’s immoral, with negative repercussions (Hello Hobby Lobby!).
  • Sexual harassment
  • Access to health care for tuberculous.
  • Not to mention general difficulty with poverty, and supporting a child without assistance when you lose your job.


  • No one cares about her and she’s irrelevant to anything.

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