How We Pay for Spending Cuts

The one thing that is the most annoying about the sequestration, is how it hurts us. As citizens and voters.

When you think of it, the deficit works in our favor. The government is providing services, subsidies that lower prices for us, keeps things running smoothly….and we aren’t taxed at a level to cover those expenses.

Essentially, that’s the debt. It’s us getting more than we pay for.

I have been references the “Dairy Cliff” as an example. Due to forced cuts, the price of milk was going to go up 400% to around $8. So because it was cut at the government level, I would be spending $6 more every paycheck.

The sequestration is the same thing, but many times worse. Higher prices for everything. Less services provided.

Spending cuts won’t “cost” the government anything, but they ultimately will come out of our pockets and our backs.


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