Racial Gap in Men’s Sentencing

Racial Gap in Men’s Sentencing

“Prison sentences of black men were nearly 20% longer than those of white men for similar crimes in recent years, an analysis by the U.S. Sentencing Commission found.”

See! People just need to stop talking about race. So when that judge decides how to sentence someone, he’ll have no idea that the person he’s sentencing is black or white because no one told him. If we don’t talk about subconscious, systematic racism, laws and behaviors…things will just fix themselves.

(How did such a stupid idea get traction?)


Native Americans & Guns Were Not Friends

As I’ve said before, the Pettifog was created to focus my energies of rage and annoyance, from places like Facebook, into a blog. Then, those posts, I would hope would encourage others to discuss them. Partially to avoid being defriended by more people. The latest thing to enrage me, was this photo


Let’s just think about, for one second, about the general history of Native Americans’ interaction with these new settlers and governments. Europeans came over to North America with guns. These guns allowed them to easily slaughter the unarmed Native American population and helped drive them from the area. Those Native Americans who eventually got a hold of weapons, eventually attacked settlements and forts, resulting in casualties all around. In no way, was the gun ever a force for safety or peace for the Native Americans or settlers at this time. Giving Native Americans more arms, would have lengthened the fight between Native Americans and settlers, causing a drawn out civil war. Once again illustrating that more guns, equals more death.

This history specifically represents the tyranny of those with guns, and the unnecessary mayhem they cause.

To try to pick one incident, claim that if they had guns things would have gone better for the already ravaged Native American populace…seems reductive and absurd.