It Isn’t About You – Do The Right Thing

Every angry response I’ve seen about Spike Lee, responds to this analogy.

It’s like, yelling at the ref for pointing out that the football pile up is crushing people at the bottom, while the people jumping on top of the pile are whining that it isn’t their fault and they hurt too.

Spike Lee’s wealth or actions are utterly irrelevant. White people being “forced” to move into these neighborhoods, is a broader issue of increasing housing costs, but that doesn’t erase the more important and dire problems effecting the African American community.

I get it, white guilt makes people defensive. I lived in Bedstuy 2005-2009, I even walked by gentrification protests in the neighborhood. I worked part time and it’s not like I had any other options. I could get defensive about the issue. I could take it personally. But I don’t.

Instead, I understand that the people in those neighborhoods have gone through more hardships and have bigger problems than I have had and they were there first. Those things are just true. The issues Spike Lee talked about are not about him, are not about me, are not about you, it’s about African American communities and neighborhoods.


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